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Will someone please write a play about...?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Remember the Aaron Burr song from Hamilton that begins "Dear Theodosia..." ? Theodosia Burr. was the name of both Burr's wife and his daughter. Theodosia the wife died young, and Burr raised the daughter alone. She was, according to witnesses, the best educated woman in America.

I wonder what might have become of her had she not married. Because it was marriage and the after-effects of birthing her child that caused her chronic ill health. That child, her son, died at the age of 10. In her grief, she decided to sail from South Carolina to New York to be comforted by Burr. But the ship disappeared and 29-year old Theodosia Burr Alston was never seen again.

Remember, at the time Burr killed Hamilton, he was Jefferson's Vice President. Apparently murder isn't good for one's political career. Hence, he was a one-term veep.

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